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DL 1200
Holter Monitoring

High Resolution Digital Holter Monitor

The DL1200 is the gold standard for diagnostic ECG capture and analysis. Designed specifically for research applications, the DL1200 allows for custom appearance, configuration and programmability to provide unique functionality. The DL1200 also incorporates the latest software technology for seamless integration into your PC analysis application.

Take a look at our instructional materials to get set up quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Fully Programmable, High Fidelity, Research Grade Performance
    Sample rate up to 1024 samples per second
    4x data over sampling
    No data compression
    12 bit resolution
  • 10 Wire Integrated Patient Cable with Standard Clinical Configuration
    Industry standard 12 lead configuration
  • Removable Compact Flash Memory Card
    1 GB records up to 24 hours of true 12-lead ECG at 1024 sps
  • Large LCD Display
    Provides on demand ECG view
    Confirms programming instructions
    Visual confirmation of patient hook up
  • Easy to Use 5 Button Keypad for Programmable Data Entry
  • Pacemaker Detection
  • Single AA Battery Operation
  • Small Rounded Shape for Patient Comfort

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