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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

The Braemar Fusion Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Recorder combines the advantages of wireless technology with real time continuous analysis of a patient’s cardiac rhythm in one device. In addition to fast automatic wireless transmissions of patient data, it also stores up to 30 days of information.

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Key Benefits

  • Diagnostic algorithms in the device automatically capture asymptomatic events via real time continuous analysis of cardiac rhythm while patient is mobile.
  • Upon capturing an event, data is sent wirelessly without patient interaction to a 24/7 monitoring center for analysis by a certified cardiac technician.
  • Single device for patient convenience, comfort and ease of use.
  • Records and stores 30 days of full disclosure data. Any period of time can be retrieved remotely from the device for viewing during the monitoring session.
  • Redundant data transmission via cellular wireless network or by Bluetooth* as an optional backup if the patient is out of network.
  • Allows for bidirectional data flow, so the physician can monitor the patient’s cardiac events and remotely customize the settings for the patient throughout the time they are being monitored.
  • Cellular transmitter embedded in the Fusion MCT uses a “Quad-Band” modem for maximum flexibility and is compatible with both GSM and GPRS cellular networks.

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