BioTel Heart’s telehealth program that allows patients to receive and apply monitors at home instead of the clinic.

  1. Eliminates patient exposure by reducing the need to visit the clinic
  2. Removes need for staff to clean monitors worn by patients that may have been exposed
  3. Reduces staff exposure by reducing in-person clinic visits
  4. Ensures patients that require ambulatory cardiac monitoring can receive the necessary monitoring in a safe manner

Contact your local BioTel Heart representative, select “Home Connect” on the web portal enrollment form, or contact us.

Please allow 24 hours to process; but often, it’s sooner.

Once the patient has the device, the set up only takes a few minutes and the baseline is read within a few hours.

No. BioTel Heart ships a kit directly to the patient’s home for them to apply themselves.

Upon completion of the monitoring service, the patient returns the monitor via a pre-paid and addressed UPS or USPS label.

Patients can also contact BioTel Heart’s Patient Service for assistance in the process.

BioTel Heart will bill your patient’s insurance and has over 600 negotiated contracts through our strategic contracting team.

The national average cost for an MCOT patient was $70 and 69% of MCOT patients paid $01.

BioTel Heart has a broad portfolio of Home Connect Solutions. Choose near-real time telemetry with MCOT or extended wear Holter with ePatch.

1 Data represents total number of patient claims, including Medicare from Q4 2019 – Q3 2019. Data on File, BioTelemetry, Inc.
Based on individual patient insurance coverage.