Help Center

For customer support,
contact us at 1-866-426 4402

New Customers

Registering for a
BioTel Heart Account

Select “Sign Up” button below.

Fill out all the form fields and check the appropriate box to receive Standard Notifications or not.
You will receive an email with a link to set a password to log into the online portal.
You can now access the online portal and begin enrolling patients for ePatch Direct!

Existing Customers

Already have an account?

Must already be Using the Connect 2.0 Portal, NOT ACCESS.  Please upgrade to Connect 2.0 to enable this feature.

Select “Enable ePatch Direct” button below.
Simply log in with your current username and password.
Select “Yes” when prompted to “Enable ePatch Direct?”.
Select the locations you want to use ePatch Direct at, and you are all set!

Enrolling Patients

Complete Steps above to ensure you are set up for ePatch Direct in the portal.

Visit and select “New Enrollment” from the Menu Button, follow prompts.
Click the “ePatch Direct image” on the “Select Service” page.
Fill in all the needed information in the form fields to complete your patient’s enrollment.
The Kit ID must be manually typed in.

View Reports

Login at and click on “Reports” at the top of the page.
On the next screen, click on the patient’s name and the report will load.