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On.Demand is a mHealth solution that combines real-time monitoring of biometric data with cellular- and web-based technology, proactive and reactive health coaching, population health reporting, and customizable interventions. The platform is designed to supplement a physician’s care plan, by increasing patient engagement, improving compliance, and reducing costs. It matches people to the clinical expertise and condition management tools they need when they need them, providing intervention and triage that helps bridge the gap between patient visits.

Improving Outcomes, One Member at a Time

Only when an effective chronic disease management program is applied, do the numbers begin to turn around. With the On.Demand platform, higher engagement equals improved outcomes.


Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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Eliminate waste. Drive engagement. Change behavior.

On.Demand is a chronic disease management program that delivers cost savings while improving participant health. Using cellular technology, near real-time data delivery, and automatic supply refills, On.Demand delivers the right intervention at the right time while reducing waste and removing barriers for member engagement.

It’s effective, easily scalable, and designed to prevent drastic health events while increasing treatment adherence. Technology-enabled monitoring fosters immediate delivery of information allowing for appropriate interventions while engaging and educating members on how to best manage their health.

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Interventions to Boost Engagement, Drive Behavior Change

On.Demand automatically monitors all member device readings and delivers an appropriate level of intervention in the event of potentially dangerous readings or lack of engagement:

Activation and engagement calls to participants needing monitoring encouragement
Outbound clinical triage support calls to members with out-of-range readings
Targeted educational materials to empower quick and meaningful changes

On.Demand offers phone support with educators who serve as dedicated health coaches. Members will learn to better manage their health through personalized education focused on self-management and goal setting, medication taking, meal planning and nutrition, exercise, and more.

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facilitates timely support

The On.Demand program allows members to use Amazon's Alexa-equipped devices to call a health coach or case manager and receive care alerts or healthcare reminders to stay up-to-date on their care.



of On.Demand participants remain enrolled in program


increase in member engagement through telephonic interventions


increase in blood glucose monitoring regularity


decrease in average glucose reading


reduction in ER spending per user per month


reduction in specialist medical spending per user per month

Creating Connections, One Member at a Time

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High-Touch Model
= Increased Engagement

Real-time data, proactive clinical intervention, and coaching lead to increased member engagement

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Increased Engagement
= Improved Outcomes

Greater engagement leads to improved clinical metrics for participants

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Improved Outcomes
= Lower Costs

Significant cost savings are realized for the member, employer, and payor

Combining Technology with Expert Intervention for Optimal Results

Chronic condition diagnoses are on the rise, with diabetes and prediabetes affecting nearly 10% of the American population alone. By helping members better manage their health, health plans benefit through improved clinical outcomes and lower costs.

When technology, proven techniques, and early intervention are utilized to manage chronic conditions, everyone wins. Start to realize the cost savings and population health benefits by incorporating On.Demand health management programs into your health plans.

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