Primary Care and Cardiology collaboration

Philips provides primary care physicians with easy-to-read reports and a simple workflow for maintaining or referring appropriate patients to specialists moving the point of arrhythmia diagnosis earlier in the patient care cycle.

Help reduce unscreened referrals and manage patient backlog more effectively:

Improve access to care by offering Philips Extended Holter - ePatch, a simple, actionable and efficient solution part of the overall service.

Receive easy-to-read reports to help assess patients that need to be referred or maintained.

Enhance care and outcomes for patients with potential cardiovascular-related issues.

Implement a simple workflow for referring appropriate patients to cardiology with simple and robust diagnostic data.

Efficient end-to-end workflow

“Everything could be done with a patient’s primary care physician. At the time of the patient’s visit, they didn't have to see a cardiologist, do an additional visit if they didn't want to. I think patients appreciated all of that.”

Clinic Manager

The need for Primary Care and Cardiology collaboration

Philips ECG Solutions can help drive faster access to cardiac care for improved health outcomes and better patient experiences with the extended Holter solution, ePatch.

The simple and robust data and easy-to-read report enables easy identification of the right patients that need a referral to specialists, moving the point of arrhythmia diagnosis earlier in the patient care cycle. This helps reduce unscreened referrals and manage patient backlog more effectively. Philips medical grade AI with ePatch analyzes and transforms patient data into actionable reports viewable via EMR, giving you the clinical confidence to diagnose and provide timely treatment. Our team of clinical and patient services specialists also deliver the required support to both your staff and patients, giving you back time to focus on what it is needed most — providing impactful care for your patients.

Case Study

Austin Regional Clinic

Better connectivity for better, faster patient care

Austin Regional Clinic wanted to collaborate with a company that delivered both patient and staff satisfaction, along with easier, faster access to extended Holter patch services and outpatient MCOT telemetry services when needed.

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