Philips Extended
Holter -

Simple. Actionable. Efficient

Continuous Holter recording for up to 14 days

Philips extended Holter – ePatch provides 3-141 day extended Holter monitoring that is simple, actionable, and efficient. Powered by Philips medical-grade AI and flexible wear options, ePatch is designed to deliver comprehensive, actionable reports quickly based on your prescribed study length – every time.

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Going beyond traditional patient care with extended Holter monitoring




Simplicity is more than a single patch

Primary Care and Cardiology collaboration

Philips provides primary care physicians with easy-to-read reports and a simple workflow for maintaining or referring appropriate patients to specialists moving the point of arrhythmia diagnosis earlier in the patient care cycle.

Introducing the next
ECG reporting innovation
from Philips​

Philips brings you into the next frontier of ECG reporting, starting with our new extended Holter report front page—uniting Philips Medical Grade AI with the simplicity, actionability and efficiency of Philips Extended Holter -ePatch to provide better patient care.

Enriched clinical insights
Dedicated section for Patient Triggered Events, detailed Heart Rate Summary with Arrhythmia and Sinus categories and representations for the top-five most important arrhythmia categories
Well-organized and easy-to-read information
Updated strip metrics, iconography depicting time of day for heart rate and arrhythmias, and definitions for detected arrhythmias
Regimented data for an enhanced user interface
Highlighted AF Burden, Ectopics section for easier comparison, and Appendix for quick definitions reference
Case Study

Austin Regional Clinic

Better connectivity for better, faster patient care

Austin Regional Clinic wanted to collaborate with a company that delivered both patient and staff satisfaction, along with easier, faster access to extended Holter patch services and outpatient MCOT telemetry services when needed.

What are you missing with
24-48 hour monitoring?

Prescribe ePatch today for a complete diagnostic solution that is simple, actionable, and efficient.

1. Patients will need to replace the patch on day 5 of wear or sooner, as required.
2. Based on median wear time, data on file.
3. Internal data on file. Based on the average processing time in 2022 after Holter files are uploaded to Cardiologs.
4. Patch only. Flex and LWA needs to be taken off for showering.
5. Data on file, Philips 2023.