The ePatch® technology

Health monitoring made easy

Continuous monitoring of vital physiological signs provides valuable information on a person’s state of health.

Longer and easier monitoring periods at home or in hospitals add crucial information.

ePatch® is the answer!

The ePatch® is a small, discreet body-worn patch sensor that adheres to the skin.

The ePatch® continuously records and stores 1-3 channels ECG for up to 72 hours.

After recording, the data is read out via USB interface.

10 easy steps

Wear and forget

Easy to apply and use

Can be worn for 5 days

No annoying cables

Technical specifications

Data acquisition: 1-3 channels ECG
Placement: Sternum
Recording time: Up to 120 hours
Sampling rate: Up to 1024 samples per second per channel
Charging: USB 5.0V 250mA = Vdc
Resolution: 12/16/24 bit
Storage medium: 2 GB internal storage
Power supply: Lithium-ion polymer battery (integrated)
Connections: Micro USB
Weight: 16 g
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash proof)
Real time clock: Yes
Event marker function: Yes, via double tab on sensor (internal motion sensor)
Storage of multiple recordings: Yes

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