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Philips Ambulatory Monitoring and Diagnostics

Philips enables smooth transitions of care by connecting patient data from home to hospital back to home through integrated end-to-end care pathways that elevate the standard of care through improved workflow, outcomes and cost.

Philips solutions across care pathways

These solutions aim to connect information, technologies and people across both the stroke and cardiac care pathways, enabling care teams to work quickly and act decisively to provide the best patient treatment.

Case Study

Erlanger Health System

Philips Mobile Cardiac Telemetry – MCOT

Powered by its unique SmartDetectAI algorithm, MCOT accelerates delivery of clinically smart cardiac care with high-quality actionable reports that enable you to diagnose and treat arrhythmias quickly and confidently.

Our remote monitoring technology has helped us build the world’s largest cardiac data network, making care more accurate, comprehensive and efficient.


Monitoring over
1 Million patients per year

33 K

Physicians Order per Month

$300 M

Over $300 million invested in the technology and service platform

50 K

Over 50,000 monitoring devices – 29 U.S. patents and 34 international patents issued

4 Billion

Processing over 4 billion heartbeats a day

Philips ECG Solutions

Philips in-hospital Diagnostic Cardiology Solutions and Cardiac Ambulatory Monitoring work together to help you watch over your patients – from home to hospital –and hospital to home.

The leading provider of remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services

The most accurate remote cardiac monitors. A unique cardiac data platform that integrates data from almost any remote cardiac monitoring device. Analysis and support to streamline workflow in your practice. We are the creator of Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT®) and a leader in mobile cardiac telemetry and Extended Wear Holter (ePatch®).

An industry leader in population health management and remote patient monitoring

Pioneering remote patient monitoring. From day one, we've focused on developing solutions that eliminate obstacles to care for people living with chronic conditions. By creating easy-to-use technologies, we empower patients and connect the entire circle of care.

An industry leader in clinical trials testing services, monitoring, data, and scientific consulting

As experts in medical imaging and cardiac safety testing for clinical trials, the hard-working people at BioTel Research provide the ideal combination of personal service, global reach, scientific expertise, and on-time data delivery.

Merging our Strengths

Combination of leading positions of Philips and BioTelemetry in hospital and home will result in #1 patient care management ecosystem

Philips works with Giving it Back to Kids, a non-profit organization in Southeast Asia that provides life-saving surgeries and medical care for children with heart disease