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Cardionet, LLC
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You can pay online by logging onto https://cardionet.mybalanceonline.com/
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You can follow the patient payment link below where you can pay with the Papaya App.
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You can pay online by logging onto https://ppaya.com/pay/payment.php?p=mAD9as9nyM/

Slide BioTel Heart EMR Simple, Seamless EMR Integration for Cardiac Monitoring Data Register Slide EMR by the Numbers BioTel Heart Provides the Design Best Suited for Your Practice - Slide Bi-Directional Design Option BioTel Heart Provides the Design Best Suited for Your Practice - Slide Uni-Directional Design Option BioTel Heart Provides the Design Best Suited for Your Practice -

Improve Your Practice’s Efficiencies

Reduce time to securely enroll cardiac monitoring services and access patient data--all transferred to your EMR as electronic HIPAA-compliant reports.

Automated delivery of reports once they become available..

Eliminate paper waste costs and reduce mistakes related to manual data entry—including billing.

Dedicated Team to 
Support Your Facility

15+ years of integration experience with most EMR systems including: Allscripts®, Cerner®, EPIC, GE Centricity/ MuseTM, Geneva Health Solutions, eClinical Works, NextGen®, Athena®, Epiphany Healthcare®, Meditech, and more.

Commitment to your facility’s success with support that begins during the entire implementation and training process that continues after go-live.

Best-in-Class Technology Providing Optimal Outcomes

Flexible integration designs, including enhanced bi-directional, uni-directional or customized solutions.

An efficient user experience with historical data storage, the ability to manage wearable and implantable technology, and Geneva Health Solutions integration with scheduling and DFT tracking.

Want to see it in action?

Secure and HIPAA-Compliant Solution

Electronic, HIPAA-compliant patient reports transferred to your EMR system seamlessly and securely

Our Experience

BioTel Heart has over 15 years of integration experience with most EMR systems including: Allscripts, Cerner, EPIC, GE Centricity/ Muse, eClinical Works, NextGen, Athena, Epiphany, Meditech

Knowledgeable, Dedicated EMR Team

BioTel Heart will provide dedicated support throughout the entire integration process to ensure an automated workflow in a smooth and timely fashion

Reports Available 24/7 in Your EMR System

View reports in the patient’s medical record anytime and minimize potential of errors from manual data entry

Environmentally Friendly Solution

No more printing and scanning — our digital EMR solution can significantly reduce paper waste while improving the clarity of clinical reports delivered to your system

Flexible Integration Design

Bi-directional, uni-directional or customized solutions

Watch Webinar

How to Optimize Workflow and Save Time with BioTel Heart EMR Integration

In this webinar, you will learn the benefits of integrating your EMR system by partnering with BioTel Heart. Our expert EMR staff will share how they have helped other clinics and health systems: 

We can help you have a better understanding of how an EMR integration can be extremely beneficial to your organization and provide a high level of confidence in the BioTel Heart team to deliver those benefits as seamlessly as possible.

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Lawrence Ng

Director of EMR Integration, BioTel Heart

Kevin Moritz

Manager of EMR Integration, BioTel Heart

Kelly Remick

Interface Engineer, BioTel Heart

Andrew Garrett

Project Manager, BioTel Heart

Tasha Estrada

Project Manager, BioTel Heart

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