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Integrated Care
First cellular-enabled diabetes management solution connecting people with diabetes and their care team

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Actionable Insights
Easy monitoring, reporting and infosharing – beyond the office – to help patients stay on track and engaged in their wellbeing

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Data Security
Diabetes care is best with on-hand support. Now share information securely with healthcare professionals and caregivers


The BioTel Care™ (Telcare) blood-glucose monitor is the first cellular-enabled solution that connects everyone who can help you manage your condition: healthcare professionals, clinical services, educational resources, and your network of family and friends. We send you messages and reminders, along with personalized education, and we keep your doctor in the loop with timely updates on your health. The goal is simple: to make managing your health a routine, not an obstacle.

BioTel Care app in devices


Office visits for patients with chronic conditions are often focused on review of patient logs with little time for meaningful dialogue. Through simple integration with your practice management workflow, BioTel Care™ makes it easy to monitor your chronically ill patients. Time-stamped readings allow you to monitor patients beyond the office. With timely insights and two-way messaging, office visits can focus on important opportunities for proactive care.

Hand holding device with app

How It Works

We aren’t Wi-Fi dependent and there’s no need for users to have a cell phone, app, USB cords or additional hardware. Patients don’t have to enter data. BioTel Care™ does it automatically anywhere there is cellular connectivity. There are no data transmission charges.

Immediately after each test patients receive a personalized message on the meter to support their health and reinforce their health professionals advice. In response to specific levels of blood sugar readings, triggered messages can be automatically generated. The information your meter provides enables your health professional to connect with you through the device, cell phone, or email. For people with diabetes, at the touch of a finger, there are multiple educational tools all designed to support patient health. Additionally, we offer access to our live Certified Diabetes Educators for ongoing support and education.

Through the BioTel Care™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, current blood sugar data are available automatically for the patient and their caregiver. All data are secure, compliant with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

How it works