Delivering Necessary Cardiac Monitoring — Without an Office Visit

BioTel Heart's Home Connect solution is ideally suited to support your practice's transition to telehealth with a proven at-home patient activation model.

Patients receive their at-home
activation kit in 2 days
2 Days
20 years experience backed 
by robust logistic network
20 Years

Direct to Patient
Arrhythmia Monitoring

Deliver access to 
care remotely

Simple set up for 
your staff and patients

View and interpret reports anywhere you have an internet connection

How it Works


Staff registers patient
and orders MCOT
monitor or ePatch
recorder online


Ships device kit to
patient’s home

Receives in approximately 2 days.


Patient applies 
device at home


Patient returns
device via pre-paid
shipping envelope

Broad Portfolio of Home Connect Solutions

Simple Patient Set-up

Patient Education Guide
included in every device kit

24/7 access to online instructional video
to assist patients

Patient Services 
team available to 
support patients

Frequently Asked Questions

View FAQs about Home Connect and how patients are supported

BioTel Heart’s telehealth program that allows patients to receive and apply monitors at home instead of the clinic.
  1. Eliminates patient exposure by reducing the need to visit the clinic
  2. Removes need for staff to clean monitors worn by patients that may have been exposed
  3. Reduces staff exposure by reducing in-person clinic visits
  4. Ensures patients that require ambulatory cardiac monitoring can receive the necessary monitoring in a safe manner

Contact your local BioTel Heart representative, select “Home Connect” on the web portal enrollment form, or contact us.

Please allow 24 hours to process; but often, it’s sooner.

Once the patient has the device, the set up only takes a few minutes and the baseline is read within a few hours.

No. BioTel Heart ships a kit directly to the patient’s home for them to apply themselves.

Upon completion of the monitoring service, the patient returns the monitor via a pre-paid and addressed UPS or USPS label.

Patients can also contact BioTel Heart’s Patient Service for assistance in the process.

BioTel Heart will bill your patient’s insurance and has over 600 negotiated contracts through our strategic contracting team.

The national average cost for an MCOT patient was $70 and 69% of MCOT patients paid $01.

BioTel Heart has a broad portfolio of Home Connect Solutions. Choose near-real time telemetry with MCOT or extended wear Holter with ePatch.

Patient Support

Clinical staff registers patients and orders monitor to a patient’s home through BioTel Heart’s physician and staff portal.

BioTel Heart ships the monitoring kit to the patient’s home.

Once the patient is registered and enrolled on the physician portal, the patient’s insurance is generally verified the day the order is received and the patient typically receives their monitoring kit within 2-days.

Instructions are included in each monitoring kit with a link to online instructional videos to assist in set-up.

Patients can call BioTel Heart’s Patient Service team to receive direct support in the monitor set-up or assist with any questions

MCOT: 1-866-426-4401 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

ePatch: 1-877-593-6421 (M-F 8 am – 8:30 pm ET; Sat 8 am – 4 pm ET)

Patients are given a step-by-step instructional guide in their monitoring kit and will have 24/7 access to online instructional videos.

Our Patient Support team is available to assist to answer any questions or concerns while being monitored:

MCOT: 1-866-426-4401 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

ePatch: 1-877-593-6421 (M-F 8 am – 8:30 pm ET; Sat 8 am – 4 pm ET)

In addition, if a patient has not activated their device in the timeline expected, the Patient Services team proactively reaches out to patients that have not activated their monitor to assist.

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