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Choose Us. Give Hope.

BioTelemetry is proud to partner with Giving it Back to Kids, a non-profit organization that provides life-saving surgeries and medical care for children with heart diseases.

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How we’re changing lives and providing hope

For each BioTel Heart monitor that is placed on a patient here in the U.S., a portion is donated to fund a heart surgery for a child in need in Southeast Asia.

Because we know a patient’s journey doesn’t end with the procedure, we also fund the follow-up medical care needed for our patients.

After the procedure, the local organization we partner with, Giving it Back to Kids, follows every child to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition, healthcare and an education. We believe changing just one child’s health can provide hope throughout the entire family and community.

Our Mission

BioTelemetry will fund 200 life-saving heart procedures in 2019, along with the follow-up care needed.

Our Heart for Hope program began with an idea of partnering the influence of two organizations who were miles, if not worlds, apart from one another. An Account Executive at BioTelemetry saw the impact that BioTelemetry was having through their technology as a leader in the outpatient cardiac monitoring space. On the other side of the world was an amazing non-profit, Giving it Back to Kids (GIBTK), who was performing life saving heart surgeries. Through her own personal involvement, she saw the amazing things GIBTK was doing for the children in the communities of Vietnam. Since 2002, GIBTK has transformed thousands of lives through medical care, education, nutrition, and has provided hope and love to children who did not have the support or resources themselves. GIBTK has no shortage of patients, but often the funding is lacking. To fill this need, BioTelemetry started their partnership with Giving it Back to Kids, and in just a few short months, Heart for Hope was created. Through the hands of GIBTK, and together with a team of highly trained local doctors and staff, BioTelemetry will give these children a fresh start on life.

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Get Involved

If you are just interested in learning how to be more involved, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us to learn more.

Program Director
Erika Bua