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Meet Dang

Born in 2017, Dang was unfortunately diagnosed with congenital heart disease just 23 days after his mom gave birth to him. The family did not know about his disease until they took him to the local medical clinic for vaccinations, where one of the doctors that Dang’s heart beat faster than normal and his lips were grey. Immediately, Dang’s parents took him to the district hospital to have a checkup. After having a blood test and echocardiogram, the doctor came to the conclusion that Dang had Ventricular Septal Defect and Dang needed a surgery. If not treated, he would have complete heart failure. However, since the family could not afford that, they just took him back and forth to receive medicine to help with the symptoms while they both worked long hard days to save money. Fortunately, there was an outreach clinic performed by the hopital in the village and they informed Dang’s family to contact Giving It Back To Kids and although they may not receive the funding from the organization and donors, this is a hope for the whole family that their son can be saved.


A letter from the family:

My family is so grateful for your help. Thanks to your generosity and kindness, our little boy’s heart defect was successfully corrected.

I still remember how blissful we were when God sent Dang to us even though our life was still difficult. However, just nearly one month after that, the news that Dang had congenital heart disease broke our hearts. Those next days were the time we were struggling to earn money to take him back and forth to the hospital to check and take medicine. The doctor advised me to have Dang operated on as soon as possible because if he was left untreated, he would eventually have heart failure. Every time I heard him say that, I was speechless. I felt hopeless. There was nothing we could do. We could not afford a surgery. Only when I received the call from Giving It Back To Kids’ staff that Dang would receive your donation, was my heart lighter and relieved. And when he had a successful surgery, I cried. My little boy now is healthier and he eats more than before. He plays more cheerfully and these days he even babbles some English words.

I would like to say thank you to all of you extraordinary people who are reaching out to help not only my boy, but also other disadvantaged children across Vietnam. Thank you for changing our lives. In spite of our difficulties, I strongly believe that with a healthy strong heart, Dang will grow up and take charge of his life.

Yours faithfully,

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