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Meet Khoi

Khoi is 5 years old from Binh Duong province in Viet Nam. His mother tragically passed away due to Thyroid cancer when he was only four months old. Khoi was born premature and during his 2 week hospital stay, they learned the had a rare heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot TOF carries a 35% mortality rate in the first year of life, and a 50% mortality rate in the first three years of life. Patients with untreated TOF rarely progress to adulthood. The doctors advised that Khoi have surgery soon, as the shortness of breath and bluish lips were worsening. Khoi’s father works hard as a taxi driver and any odd manual labor jobs to earn extra money to provide for him and his 6th grade brother, but the total cost of money for the operation was too high,

Then they learned about Giving it Back to Kids. NOW: Khoi had a successful heart surgery.


A letter from his father:

Being Khoi’s father, I was very worried about his health condition when it became worse with a fast heartbeat and blue lips. The desire to save my kid’s life is big and strong, but my family’s economic condition is just totally opposite. I felt like it didn’t matter what I wanted to do, I couldn’t do it. I was filled with the feeling of hopelessness. However, what you have done for my son and for my family can’t be demonstrated by words. If it hadn’t been for your timely and compassionate assistance, Khoi wouldn’t have undergone a life- saving surgery. After a ten-day treatment, I can see bright smiles on my dear son’s face. Nothing is more precious to me than that. Also, he eats more and plays more actively than before, which makes me very delighted. I really get emotional when all these wonderful things happen and I don’t know what to say but send this simple letter. Hopefully, you can understand how thankful my family is to know you and receive your support.

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