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Meet Ly Tha

When Ly was twelve years old, she was alone selling lottery tickets along the street when she was seen by her neighbor squeezing her chest. She could not breathe and her face was grey. The neighbor had witnessed that scene so many times that she decided to take Ly Tha to the hospital.

Ly’s mother and father left her with a grandmother just weeks after giving birth. Now 12, She lives with her grandmother, aunt and aunts daughter in a Southern Province of Viet Nam. The four of them live in a shabby house with holes where rain water leaks in and dirt floors. There is no bathroom or toilet, so twelve yr old Ly waits until its dark out to shower behind her house when no one can see. She describes her life as miserable. The only income the family earns is from her 70 yr old grandmother who still works pulling weeds, and washing dishes and her aunt working as maid for another family. With Ly’s poor health, she couldn’t keep attending school . To earn some money, Ly has been selling lottery tickets in the neighborhood, making $1-2 per day.

She has felt something was wrong with her heart a long time ago, but knew there was no care they could afford. Until a neighbor saw her continually hunched over grabbing at her chest, and her lips greying, so they took her in for an exam. Ly was diagnosed with advanced Ventricle Septal Defect and a dilated Ventricle. She needed surgery as soon as possible.

NOW… Ly has just completed her heart surgery. She wrote to say,

The days when I was in the hospital are the happiest days of my life when I could eat all the food I like, sleep soundly and talk with other friendly and nice people in the hospital. I have not met you but I was told that you are from America and that surprised me a lot as I know that it is so far from Vietnam. But do not worry because even though you live far from me, I still love you and thank you for everything.

Ly Tha

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