Immuno-Oncology Imaging Services for Clinical Trials

Imaging for Immunotherapy Studies

Unprecedented Number of Clinical Trials
Immunotherapy treatment mobilizes the body’s adaptive immune system to fight cancer. There are currently an unprecedented number of new investigational agents within immuno-oncology (I-O) in clinical development and clinical trial testing.

Philips BioTel Research has a unique depth of experience in the implementation of immune-related oncology response criteria.


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Response Criteria Expertise

Our experience with specific immune-related criteria includes studies in various phases of development (pre-clinical through phase 3) in multiple indications. BioTel Research scientists were involved in the early phases of the design of these criteria, having presented on the development of the irRECIST/iRECIST criteria at numerous industry and scientific meetings beginning in 2015.

Scientists and Software for Every Image

The majority of these studies employ a dual reader with adjudication read paradigm, utilizing both in-house and contracted readers. BTR currently has software implementations of all major immune-related oncology response criteria active within the company core laboratory, including irRC, irRECIST, and iRECIST. Our flexibility and in-house scientific expertise have allowed us to implement these criteria both as published and with sponsor-specific modifications.

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