Extended Wear
Holter Monitoring


for Practice Workflow

Simple patch application, enrollment and activation with no battery charging needed at practice

Available as a telehealth solution via direct mailing of devices to patients

Reports are easily accessible for review anytime through our secure data portal
14 days
Up to 14 days of continuous ECG recording

Easy Use

for Patients

Engineered to maximize compliance for up to 14 days with replacement patches in each kit

Alternative wear options for different patient types include the new FLEX or Lead Wire Adapter

Wearable in shower, during exercise and while sleeping

Single-Channel up to 14 days


Single-Channel up to 14 days

Lead Wire Option

Three-Channel 3-5 Days Only

Robust Insights

to Inform Care Decisions

Comprehensive reports identify arrhythmia irregularities including AF, SVT, VT, Pause, and Heart Block

Specialized features, including PVC Morphology and 14-Day Heart Rate Trending, help deliver confidence in clinical interpretation*

Full narrative summaries are provided for all reports by certified cardiac technicians
< 1 oz.
Lightweight sensor design, with an easy-to-apply patch

We offer flexible business models to meet your specific practice's individual needs

EMR / EHR Integration
Available from BioTel Heart

Order ePatch…

Review patient data…

Interpret reports…

…directly from your EMR system!

The most accurate remote cardiac monitors. A unique cardiac data platform that integrates data from almost any remote cardiac monitoring device. Analysis and support to streamline workflow in your practice.

Rise above the data deluge with actionable insight for tailored patient care.

*New reporting features comping in Q1 2021