Millennia® Holter Analysis Software

From the Global Leader in Remote Cardiac Monitoring

For over 35 years, solutions provided by BioTel Alliance, formerly Braemar, have enabled customers to scan more than 2 million tests using our suite of proprietary Holter Analysis Software. This real-world experience has given us a thorough understanding of the analysis, editing, and data management components necessary to fulfill all of your needs in Holter monitoring analysis.

As the global division of BioTelemetry, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAT) offering devices and software to customers, distributors and OEMs, we are proud to be part of a company that is leading the world in remote cardiac technology, monitoring more than 1 million people per year. BioTelemetry is also home to the world’s largest cardiac data network, offering a comprehensive portfolio of more than 30 cardiac monitoring devices and services.


Software Overview

Millennia 1000 Holter Analysis Software

Offers practical innovations and system features for facilities processing lower volumes of Holter data

Millennia 2000 Holter Analysis Software

A suite of prospective and retrospective analysis tools for fast and accurate processing of Holter recordings;
designed for facilities that prefer to interact with the system prospectively as the arrhythmia analysis is performed

Millennia 3000 Holter Analysis Software

Sophisticated data management software designed for facilities that require a premium,
advanced solution for efficient Holter processing, including data exchange and export