Heart care.

A new path forward.

Elevate the standard of care

By nature, heart disease is a progressive condition that calls for an equally progressive approach to caring for your cardiac patients. Whether they’re being closely monitored during diagnosis and clinical treatment or remotely followed as they return to daily life.

Philips in-hospital ECG solutions and cardiac ambulatory monitoring work together to help you watch over your patients – from home to hospital –and hospital to home. Our integrated, end-to-end cardiac solutions can give you anywhere, anytime visibility to patient ECG data and the insights you need to elevate the standard of cardiac care across the entire continuum.

Have a holistic view of every cardiac patient’s current condition to make fast, informed clinical decisions, support accurate diagnosis, early intervention, and efficient triage at the point of care in order to help streamline clinical workflow, improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and enable smooth transitions from home to hospital to home.

So, your patients can receive the best cardiac care possible. Everywhere.