Philips Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of human-centered care, virtually anywhere

Highly configurable solutions and services that are designed to support your program’s goals

Only Philips brings deep industry knowledge and clinical expertise to virtual care management. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of flexible virtual care management solutions and services that meaningfully motivate and deeply connect patients to care, fostering strong engagement and healthier behaviors. With Philips you can unlock the power of human-centered care, improving participant health, virtually, every step of the way.


Philips Virtual Care Management Solution Overview

Learn how our Virtual Care Management solution can help you unlock the power of human-centered care, virtually anywhere.

Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of
human-centered care, virtually anywhere

Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of
human-centered care, virtually anywhere

“I was struggling and frustrated with my diabetes. I have a lot of gratitude for the products Philips offers, but more importantly for the service of my health coach, through phone calls, emails and text messages. I encourage you to share it with loved ones who struggle with diabetes – anyone that could use it. It’ll change their lives – it’s a game changer.”
Virtual Care Management diabetes participant
66 years old, T1D for 35 years

Virtual Care Management

Our Virtual Care Management program supports post-acute, chronic and gestational condition management. We provide easy-to-use connected devices that engages patients and members to submit test results, respond to clinical team messages and participate in surveys. Optional professional monitoring and highly personalized health coaching may help to deepen engagement.

Philips Virtual Care Management enables care teams to virtually manage participant health, prioritize and triage care delivery across a range of acuities and risk levels to help improve outcomes

Successful diabetes management starts with reliable and actionable data

The Philips Connected Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) ensures the seamless capture of powerful data - by offering broad cellular coverage* increases access to testing even in remote or rural locations, without requiring connectivity to other devices, reminders that help participants adhere to their testing regimen, and a supply refill algorithm that ensures participants never run out of supplies.

Customizable program features enable you to flexibly shape and scale your program

Our team of licensed professionals monitors and provides support

Our team of health coaches and care advisors provide professional monitoring and are licensed in all 50 states. They include registered nurses, registered dietitians, certified Diabetes care and education specialists.

Demonstrated real-world results

Our participants stay connected to care

Virtual Care Management offers a personalized program designed to take the guesswork out of managing participant health.

FAQ for Patients
Physicians prescribe our services to assist in diagnosing certain heart arrhythmias.  Often time’s arrhythmias are not detected during routine ECG testing in the physician office.  Our devices allow you to go about your normal activities while data is being collected. Your physician can use this data to aide in diagnosing you.

Yes, we encourage you to wear the monitor as much as possible, even while exercising. Please note our monitors should not be worn while participating in water activities such as swimming or surfing.

Yes you are able to travel with all of our devices. If you are flying, remove the monitoring system and pack it in your carry-on luggage, reconnect once you land.

You are encouraged to wear the monitor at all times. The more you wear the monitor, the more information will be presented to your physician for accurate diagnosis. However, most of our monitors need to be removed while bathing or participating in water activities.

No, depending on which monitor you are prescribed you may receive alerts regarding technical maintenance, i.e. charge battery, wire off, etc. However, any alerts or noises made by the monitor will never be related to your heart rhythms.

The monitoring center will contact you only if a specific request is made by your physician.

Our services are covered by a majority of insurance providers. Your insurance will be billed and you will be responsible for your portion based on your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance.

You can email us at billing-questions@gobio.com and we can provide you with an estimated out of pocket cost or provide you with the necessary information to contact your insurance for your estimated responsibility.

Please be sure to include your First and Last Name, and Date of Birth in the email to us.

No. Our services are billed as a flat rate and are not based on the number of days that it is worn. We encourage all patients to wear the device for the full monitoring period as ordered by your physician. If you are experiencing any issues during your monitoring period, please reach out to our Customer Service Department for assistance.

Due to the various services we provide it is best to refer directly to your bill to determine where and how to send a payment.

We can provide you, or another physician, copies of your reports upon completion of service with your consent. To receive copies of your reports, email CustomerService@gobio.com. Include your name, date of birth, and service date, Customer Service will send you an Authorization for Release. Complete and return as directed on the form. Reports should arrive within 7-10 business days.

If your device was returned via the US Postal service it can take up to three weeks to reach our distribution center. This sometimes leads us to call you to return the device when it is already in transit. If you continue to receive calls requesting you to return your device, please email Deviceretrieval@gobio.com and include your name, date of birth, and the date you shipped the device back.

Email CustomerService@gobio.com, include your name, date of birth and shipping address. If the item needs to be returned Customer Service will send you a return mailer to ship the item.