HRS 2021

What can better cardiac
data do for you?

Heart Rhythm 2021
Virtual event | Industry-Expert Unplugged

July 28, 2021
7:25 am - 7:45 am EDT

Remote INR
Heart Study


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MCOT® and Extended Wear Holter: Choosing the right test for the right patient

In this webinar, Dr. Sanjaya Gupta, MD, FACC, FHRS shares insight on why choosing to prescribe MCOT® and ePatchTM allows him to better monitor, treat and care for his patients.

Past, present, and future: Remote monitoring data and patient management

Join Philips BioTel Heart for a virtual round table discussion of the past, present and future challenges and solutions providers encounter in the remote management of cardiac patients.

Improve your practice’s workflow and efficiency with EMR Integration

In this webinar, Ryan Augenstein and the BioTel Heart EMR team discuss how their successful EMR integration at Parkview Health helped improve the workflow, efficiency, and overall patient care.