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Philips BioTel Research has provided centralized cardiac monitoring and medical imaging analyses in more than 2,000 clinical trials, spanning 70 countries, and comprising all major therapeutic areas. Both big pharma and small biotech organizations rely on us to deliver:

Personal Committment: From hardworking people you can trust to get the job done well
Collaborative Partnership: With experienced professionals who become a true extension of your team
Targeted Innovation: Using products and services that efficiently deliver actionable clinical data

Some of the Smartest and Most Innovative Companies in the World Choose to Collaborate with BioTel Research.

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See How We’ve Helped Other Leading Companies, and Consider All We CAN DO for You!

Every day, the hardworking people at BioTel Research role up their sleeves to keep clinical studies on time, on budget, and on point. So many stories to share! Below are some great case studies documenting times when we put in the extra effort to meet — and even surpass — the demands of our global pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors.

15-Minute ECG Reports, Without Missing a Beat!

Learn how BioTel Research team members developed workflow automation resulting in pre- and post-dose ECG analysis for the fourth largest pharma company in the world!

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10,000 Cancer Image Overreads in Under 6 Weeks!

See how we worked around the clock to process thousands of Phase III breast cancer study images to meet a seemingly insurmountable deadline for our sponsor!

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Professional Analysis Protects Study Integrity!

Thorough quality analysis by BioTel Research cardiologists helped preserve the data integrity of a Phase II study, allowing our sponsor to continue with their clinical trial.

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Last-Minute ECGs for FDA in Only 2 Days!

When the FDA said they needed more ECGs after database lock, see how BioTel Research delivered results to the sponsor in only 2 days!

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