Which internet browsers are compatible with mytelcare.com?

Tested browsers include Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17501; Firefox 35.0.1; Chrome 40.0.2214.111; Safari 8.0.3.

Can I use mytelcare.com on my smartphone?

Yes. mytelcare.com can be viewed on a smartphone. Users can view mytelcare.com through the following mobile browsers that have been verified and validated to function properly: Apple iOS 7; Google Android 2.8. However, due to the great variability in screen size and resolution available on smartphones, your viewing experience may be better if you download our mobile app “Diabetes Pal.” This free app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

What types of error messages might occur and why?

Error messages might occur if an incorrect username or password is entered. They may also occur if you try to save information to your profile in an incorrect format. Please call Telcare Customer Support at 877-777-4710 if errors persist.

Will mytelcare.com log me out?

As a security precaution, mytelcare.com will log you out after 10 idle minutes. If this occurs, you will be required to log in again.

Is there any specialized software required?

Telcare’s solution is web-based. If you are using a web browser to access mytelcare.com, no special software is required. If you have downloaded and are using Telcare’s Diabetes Pal mobile app, all updates are made automatically.

Your Account

Do I need to have an account to use the Telcare solution?

Yes. When you purchase the Telcare Blood Glucose Meter or download our mobile app, you will be asked to create a Telcare account. Your personal account will be used to securely store and provide you access to your health data.

Can I get help setting up my mytelcare.com account?

Your Telcare Blood Glucose Meter comes with a step-by-step guide explaining how to set up your account. If you need additional help, please call Telcare Customer Support at 877-777-4710.

How do I save my login information?

To safeguard your privacy, it is important to keep your login information secure. If you are using your personal computer to access mytelcare.com and you feel your information is safe on that computer, you have the option to save your login information using your web browser’s built-in login saving features.

Third-Party Entities

Do you share or sell my data to any advertisers or marketers?

We do not sell or share your data with any advertisers or marketers. Customer data is managed with the highest degree of respect and security. Please review our privacy policy to learn more about the steps we take to ensure your personal data is safe and secure.

Can I send my data to a personal health record (PHR) such as Microsoft HealthVault?

You can send your data to an authorized third party such as Microsoft HealthVault. To link your Telcare account, visit your Personal Profile once you’ve logged into mytelcare.com.

Ordering the Telcare BGM

How do I order?

You can call 877-777-4710 to order products using your credit card and/or health insurance plan. For orders requiring verification or authorization, a customer service associate will consult your health plan and call you back to confirm coverage and payment responsibilities.

Does my health plan cover the Telcare blood glucose meter?

Telcare Medical Supply partners with a broad range of health plans. If you wish to utilize your health insurance coverage, please contact Telcare Customer Support at 877-777-4710 and we will work with you and your health plan to determine the level of coverage.

What is Telcare Medical Supply’s return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return any item within 30 days of shipment for a refund or an exchange.

How do I prepare a return?

Please contact Telcare Customer Support at 877-777-4710 to receive a postage-paid Return Kit and instructions for return. Once you receive the return kit, place return items in the package and use the provided return label to ship the product back to Telcare. Please do not return any items without first contacting Telcare Customer Support.

What is Telcare Medical Supply’s return and exchange process?

Once your returned item is received and accepted, your refund will be processed. For exchanges, meter shipments are sent immediately along with return packaging. If a customer fails to return an item within 30 days of the shipment date, the retail price of the item will be charged.


How do I send my data from the Telcare BGM to mytelcare.com?

Each blood glucose reading is automatically sent to mytelcare.com. The cellular service is provided to you free of charge and there are no contracts to sign. The Telcare Blood Glucose Meter’s embedded cellular technology enables data to be submitted to mytelcare.com anywhere cellular coverage is available. The strength of the cellular signal is indicated on the screen of your blood glucose meter.

Do I have to save my blood glucose data before I log out of mytelcare.com?

No. All blood glucose data is saved automatically.

How do I know if my blood glucose data was received by mytelcare.com?

When data is successfully submitted, the Blood Glucose Meter will display a message indicating that data was sent. When the Blood Glucose Meter is set to the “Airplane Mode”, or if a cellular connection is unavailable for some reason, the meter will display a message indicating that it is unable to connect and that another attempt will be made at the next testing.

What happens if the Telcare blood glucose meter can’t find a cellular signal to send the data to mytelcare.com?

The Telcare Blood Glucose Meter will allow you to check your blood glucose levels regardless of cellular connection. As long as the battery is charged, you can use it. In most instances, cellular coverage will be sufficient to send the data to mytelcare.com. However, if the Telcare Blood Glucose Meter is unable to send the data, it will be stored in internal memory and the meter will attempt to send it to mytelcare.com again the next time your meter is used. The Telcare Blood Glucose Meter can store up to 300 readings.

What happens if my Telcare blood glucose meter sends data while I’m logged into mytelcare.com?

You can refresh your browser to display the most recent readings.

Will my Telcare blood glucose meter still work even if I haven’t activated my mytelcare.com account?

Yes, your meter can always be used to test your blood sugar regardless of your connection with mytelcare.com. Mytelcare.com is an accessory to your meter. It is not a requirement.

Do I have to answer messages that I receive on my Telcare blood glucose meter?


What data can I change on mytelcare.com?

You can edit all of the biographical information listed in your User Profile on mytelcare.com. You can add notes for each of your blood glucose readings. However, you cannot edit your glucose readings or reading tags.

How do I know if my blood glucose readings are in the proper target range?

You and your healthcare provider should work together to determine your personal goals. Once this consultation occurs, you can adjust your target ranges within the clinical profile of your mytelcare.com account. If your healthcare provider also participates in the Telcare solution and has access to your personal Telcare data, he/she has the option to set up a target range for you as well; this personalized target range will appear on your meter when you take a reading.

If I don’t want to select a tag for my blood glucose reading, will the data be sent to mytelcare.com anyway?

Yes, if a blood glucose reading doesn’t have a tag, it will still be sent to my mytelcare.com and displayed as “No Selection.”

Can I see previous messages that have been sent to my Telcare blood glucose meter?

Yes, you can view your message history on mytelcare.com by scrolling down to the “Latest Message” section located on your “Dashboard” page.

What if I’m traveling between time zones with my Telcare blood glucose meter?

Your Telcare blood glucose meter will recognize the time zone where you are located. If problems arise, please call the customer support center at 877-777-4710.

Where can I read about your Privacy Policy?

Our strict privacy policy, including HIPAA compliance procedures, can be accessed here.

What is .CSV format?

A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a textual representation of data. It can be viewed in any text editor or Microsoft Excel.

What happens to my data if I lose or damage my Telcare blood glucose meter?

Even if you lose or damage your Telcare blood glucose meter, all data previously sent to mytelcare.com will be available and secure.