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Supporting your patient care with scalable solutions for population health management

Timely, actionable information is critical in managing patients with chronic conditions.
BioTel Care’s remote patient monitoring platform offers healthcare payors, systems, and providers
critical patient insights in an easily consumable form.


Make visits more effective

Through simple integration with your practice management workflow, BioTel Care makes it easy to monitor your chronic populations.
Time-stamped data allows you to monitor patients beyond the office.
With timely insights and two-way messaging, office visits can be
focused on important opportunities for proactive care.

Help make health management
a routine, not an obstacle

Combining technology with expert intervention for optimal results

BioTel Care’s connected health program delivers the right intervention at the right time while reducing waste and removing barriers for member engagement. Data from multiple sources helps target individuals who may benefit from participation, engagement, and intervention.

BTC Woman Computer Yellow

Proven results

Our connected health program has demonstrated results in improving population health while lowering the cost of care:

• Reduced HbA1c
• Reduced ER visits
• Annual claims savings
• Improved co-morbidity outcomes


Get a clear, effortless picture
of your patient population

Clear charts and graphs provide a comprehensive view of patient activity

Clinicians can send automated or custom messages to patients and populations

Our platform is capable of API communication to other platforms and EMRs

Analytics and reporting
at your fingertips

Our newly enhanced cloud-based provider portal offers unmatched data analysis and reporting capabilities

• View real-time trends and data charts
• Create population and patient-level reports
• Measure patient compliance
• Set recommended target ranges
• Send personalized messages

Telserve Provider Portal

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