BioTel Heart is raising mobile health to new heights. A pioneer in remote patient monitoring, we revolutionized healthcare with the first Mobile Cardiac Outpatient TelemetryTM system. We monitor more than one million patients each year.


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MCOT has 100% sensitivity and positive predictivity in the detection of atrial fibrillation episodes lasting 30 seconds or longer*

*Based on MIT-Beth Israel Hospital Arrhythmia Database testing of atrial fibrillation episodes lasting 30 seconds or longer (FDA 510k submission).

Processing over 4 billion heartbeats a day

Over 30,000 unique referring physicians per month

Provided over 1 million reports to physicians with information for diagnosis and therapy management

Monitoring over one million patients per year

Clinical evidence from 41 MCOT studies, abstracts and articles



Need help with your heart monitor?

The Apple Heart Study findings have been published in NEJM.

In the study, participants who received an irregular rhythm notification on the Apple Watch wore the BioTelemetry ECG patch recorder, ePatchTM, for up to 7 days to confirm atrial fibrillation.

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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Beat-by-beat analysis with automatic event detection and wireless transmission

MCOT Patch

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

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MCT 3 Lead (MCT 3L)

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

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Simple Solutions for Seamless EMR/EHR Integration

BioTel Heart’s EHR team is ready to work with you and your staff to evaluate current workflow and formulate a plan to streamline your processes

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Secure and HIPAA-
Compliant Solution
Electronic, HIPAA-compliant patient reports transferred to your EHR system seamlessly and securely

Our Experience
BioTel Heart has over 15 years of integration experience with most EHR systems including: Allscripts, Cerner, EPIC, GE Centricity/Muse, eClinical Works, NextGen, Athena, Epiphany, Meditech

Dedicated EHR Team
BioTel Heart will provide dedicated support throughout the entire integration process to ensure an automated workflow in a smooth and timely fashion

Reports Available 24/7
in Your EHR System
View reports in the patient’s medical record anytime and minimize potential errors from manual data entry

Friendly Solution
No more printing and scanning —
our digital EHR solution can significantly reduce paper waste while improving the clarity of clinical reports delivered to your system

Integration Design
Bi-directional, uni-directional or customized solutions

Event Monitoring

Non-looping, looping and auto-trigger monitors to accurately detect arrhythmia


Event Monitoring

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Extended Holter Monitoring

Continuous recording of every heartbeat for up to 14 days with no battery changes required


Extended Holter Monitoring

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