COVID-19Patient Monitoring ProgramMCOT™ Service Expansion

BioTel Heart has expanded its 24/7 remote arrhythmia monitoring services using MCOT (Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry) to include serial QTc measurements in COVID-19 patients to support the safe delivery of medications that may prolong the QT interval and lead to ventricular arrhythmias. As part of its FDA 510(k) clearance, MCOT has a specific indication for use with patients requiring measurement, analysis, and reporting of the QT interval.

MCOT COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Program

Minimum twice daily QTc measurement

24/7 monitoring and near real-time notifications1

  • Default notification:
    QTc > 500 ms (by Bazett’s formula)
  • Standard arrhythmia monitoring
  • Patient-activated ECG

Up to 30 days of continuous monitoring

Disposable Patch or lead wire option

1 Per provider predetermined protocol

Improves Safety

  • Protects the safety of patients in any setting
  • Reduces the risk of exposure to staff
  • Provides necessary data to guide the safe use of QT-prolonging medications

Reduces Burden on Healthcare System

  • Augments inpatient telemetry capabilities
  • Minimizes use of limited PPE resources
  • Frees critical hospital beds by enabling continuity of arrhythmia monitoring as patients transition to outpatient

As the inpatient volume of COVID-19 patients continues to rise, the ability to monitor every patient that is receiving drugs that can prolong the QT interval in the telemetry unit is not possible. With MCOT patient monitoring, we have access to near real-time information needed to facilitate a clinical intervention prior to an arrhythmia occurring and a solution that significantly reduces the number of potential exposures to healthcare workers and reduces the need for critical PPE.

Laurence Epstein, MD
System Director Electrophysiology
Northwell Health

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COVID-19 Monitoring Program Workflow

Urgent Report

Example of full disclosure report with QTc of 563 ms.

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Daily Patient Report

Example of daily patient report with twice daily QTc measurement.

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MCOT Home Connect Workflow

To protect patients from the dangers of QTc interval prolongation in any setting, patients can be enrolled in the COVID-19 monitoring program without setting foot into an office or clinic with our well-establish mail-to-home process.

To get started with the COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Program, contact your local Account Executive, call 1-866-426-4402 or email us below.