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Your Partner for INR Patient Self-Testing

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Today more than ever, patients taking warfarin and other anticoagulants need INR monitoring solutions outside of the lab. Remote INR by BioTelemetry (formerly CoaguChek® Patient Services) is your partner in implementing an INR patient self-testing program from home.

Proven Value of Patient INR Self-Testing Versus Lab Testing

Quality of Care

More results within range, to reduce risk of thromboembolic events1


Patient Satisfaction

Increased patient compliance and overall satisfaction2



Streamlined workflow, to guide treatment decisions1


Self-Testing Benefits
Patients and Practices

With self-testing, managing your patient’s anticoagulant therapy has never been more efficient or effective. The services and products delivered by Remote INR empower patients to manage their health outside of the clinic or physician office and eases the workload for clinical staff.

90% of Patients
Preferred Self-Testing

Over Testing in the
Anticoagulation Clinic3

Most patients prefer patient self-testing because there are fewer visits to the doctor or laboratory— and no waiting for results!

Remote INR Produces Superior Results

Patient adherence
to testing frequency4

Time patients spent
in therapeutic range5

Comprehensive Services

Remote INR is a comprehensive service designed to provide a dependable and patient-centric experience for your patients taking anticoagulation therapy.

24/7 Services & Support


Dedicated Resources for Patients, Physicians and Clinics


Your Partner for Delivering a Successful
Home INR Monitoring Program

  • Flexible options, with training, compliance support and billing
  • Automated shipment of supplies
  • Test results wirelessly transmitted, for maximum efficiency
  • Dedicated patient navigator, to assist patient enrollment
  • Multiple reporting options
  • In-home patient training, with accredited nurses following up in 30 days*
  • Keeps patients on track, with a robust compliance program
  • Program supervised by cardiologists
  • Training completed within 10 days of acceptance by patient

*Virtual, video face-to-face training during COVID-19 pandemic


Contact us to learn more about how to get you and your patients started with Remote INR self-testing.

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