Diagnostic yield of 24-hour Holter vs. 7-day and 14-day Philips extended Holter – ePatch

While 24-hr Holter monitors have traditionally been prescribed for diagnosing arrhythmias, use of extended wear Holters (EWHs) for up to 14 days has become commonplace. Presented at ACC.23 in New Orleans, this retrospective analysis was developed to identify the diagnostic yield (DY) and distribution of clinically significant arrhythmias (CSA) for EWH wear times of 24-hr, 7-days, and 14-days.

The results of this analysis showed that compared to 24-hr Holter, longer duration Philips extended Holter - ePatch monitoring resulted in a 2x DY for any CSA at Day 7 and a >2.5x DY at Day 14 (all p<0.01). A greater increase in DY was seen for tachyarrhythmia than bradyarrhythmia when extending monitoring from 7 to 14 days.

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