Extended Wear
Holter Monitoring

Streamline workflow to accelerate care

1. Patients will need to replace the patch on day 5 of wear or sooner, as required

14 days
Up to 14 days
of continuous1
ECG recording

Easy use
for patients


Single-Channel up to 14 days


Single-Channel up to 14 days

Lead Wire Option

Three-Channel 3-5 Days Only

1. Patients will need to replace the patch on day 5 of wear or sooner, as required

2. Patch only. FLEX and LWA needs to be taken off for shower

Say hello to the new
ePatch® monitoring report

Say hello to
the new ePatch®
monitoring report

Your analysis in 48 hours or less Dynamic coloring allows for easier recognition of arrhythmia detection PVC Morphology Afib, SVT and VT include date and timestamps for for both longest and fastest episodes

Robust Insights

to Inform Care Decisions

Comprehensive reports identify arrhythmia irregularities including AF, SVT, VT, Pause, and Heart Block

Specialized features, including PVC Morphology and 14-Day Heart Rate Trending, help deliver confidence in clinical interpretation*

Full narrative summaries are provided for all reports by certified cardiac technicians
< 1 oz.
Lightweight sensor design, with an easy-to-apply patch

We offer flexible business models to meet your specific practice's individual needs

Integrate Philips BioTel Heart ePatch with your EMR

You can draw on Philips BioTel Heart’s deep experience in clinical data management to seamlessly integrate ePatch® into your hospital’s EMR/EHR.

...directly from your EMR system!

Heart care knows
no bounds

At Philips BioTel Heart, we provide you with the tools and technologies to do what you do best—care for your cardiac patients in the place that matters most. Everywhere. Philips in-hospital cardiology solutions and BioTelemetry remote cardiac patient monitoring have joined together to help you deliver a higher standard of cardiac care – by extending near real-time diagnostics, monitoring and patient management from your hospital or office to your patient’s home. With Philips BioTel Heart, you have the data and insights to confidently make informed clinical decisions and provide consistent quality cardiac care across the entire care pathway. No matter where it takes place.

For more information contact your local account executive, or visit gobio.com/epatch