MCOT® Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry

Superior cardiac data that's right on time

MCOT® Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry


Accurate diagnosis without delay

Patients with arrhythmias need timely diagnosis and effective treatment. Treatment delays can compromise outcomes, but near–real-time monitoring with urgent and emergent notifications helps you reach an accurate diagnosis quickly.

MCOT, powered by its unique SmartDetectAI™ algorithm, accelerates delivery of clinically smart cardiac care with high-quality actionable reports that enable you to diagnose and treat arrhythmias quickly and confidently.

MCOT delivers superior detection

Superior detection and cardiac monitoring insights delivered when you need them

What is superior cardiac data?

It’s near–real-time detection and urgent/emergent notifications powered by our SmartDetectAI algorithm, so you are notified in minutes, not hours or weeks like with some mobile cardiac telemetry devices. It’s accurate, actionable reports that are reviewed by certified technicians to verify the algorithm’s findings.

MCOT is the only telemetry device proven to detect atrial fibrillation (AF) with no false negatives or positives¹.

It’s a monitoring ecosystem that’s hard to beat, because it gives you the data and insights you need to make confident, clinically smart cardiac care decisions. It’s MCOT.

Go beyond superior detection with high-quality, actionable reports

Near–real-time notifications of urgent and emergent events—with full disclosure—provide the clinical insights you need to accelerate diagnosis and treatment. Our cardiac technicians* review findings to ensure that you receive the most accurate and actionable reports possible.

The best of both worlds

The complementary combination of SmartDetectAITM and our cardiac technicians is something you won’t find anywhere else. The superior detection and precision of the MCOT SmartDetectAI algorithm provides better data to diagnose with confidence. Every report—including urgent/emergent, daily, and end-of-service reports—is reviewed by our certified techs to ensure that you are getting the highest-quality cardiac data.

Superior reports based on superior detection

Easy for patients

Patients can exercise, sleep, and in some cases, even shower* while wearing MCOT. And because every patient is unique, we offer multiple wear options (patch, lead wire, and FLEX™) to suit your patients’ needs.

Touchscreen operation, multiple language options, and a built-in patient diary on the monitor add up to a remote cardiac monitoring solution that’s easy to live with—throughout the entire monitoring duration.

MCOT offers multiple wear options to suit patients’ needs

Patients are well connected 24/7:

• Online and email support
• Shipping and tracking*
• Text reminders*
• Customer service support
• Instructional videos

Simple for your practice

MCOT makes patient enrollment and setup simple for your practice. Telehealth option frees staff time by providing 24/7 patient support, online educational videos and home-delivery within days of prescription order.

Multi-channel patient engagement program delivers timely notifications to keep patients informed throughout every phase of their monitoring period.

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1. Based on MIT-BIH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Beth Israel Hospital) Arrhythmia Database testing of ≥30-second AF episodes. (FDA 510k submission)
2. Philips BioTel Heart. Data on file.
3. First experience with a Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT) system for the diagnosis and management of cardiac arrhythmia, Joshi, Ajay K. et al., American Journal of Cardiology, Volume 95, Issue 7, 878-881, DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amjcard.2004.12.015PlumXMetrics.