Philips Virtual Care Management

We offer highly configurable solutions and services, that are designed to support your program's goals

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Deeply Connect

patients and members to care from virtually anywhere.

Our standardized, condition-specific protocols combined with a wide range of user-friendly devices keep patients and members deeply connected to care.

Our current standardized protocols span leading conditions, supporting post-acute, chronic and gestational programs

Today, we offer user-friendly, pre-configured connected devices

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Philips Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of human-centered care, virtually anywhere
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healthier behaviors that last.

Our provider, patient and member engagement tools - like the My Virtual Care app and online portals - may help motivate patients and members to adhere to our programs.

Philips Virtual Care Workspace enables virtual monitoring and patient, member or population-health management
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Philips My Virtual Care patient portal and app enables patients and members to submit, view and engage
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Our team of licensed clinical professionals monitor and provide you with the support you need

Health coaches*
  • Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists
  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • Spanish-speaking coaches
Care advisors*
  • Professional monitoring
  • Administrative support for our coaches

*Professional monitoring and personalized health coaching are currently available for those participating in our post-acute and chronic programs for Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Failure.

Proactively manage

the health of patients, members and populations.

Our secure, interoperable platform is designed to protect your data, ensuring privacy so your teams can confidently access the actionable insights that help patients, members and populations.

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Designed to protect your data and security

Philips enables a secure offering that further fortifies controls to better withstand cyberattacks and complies with global privacy regulations

Privacy and security

HIPAA compliant
Adhere to the latest security standards
Rigorous testing and auditing process
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Data communication

Data encrypted with AES-256
Protocol TLS v1.2 is used for all communication
Inbound communication to the app uses HTTPS
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Network and cloud

Microservices are deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud within HealthSuite
API Gateway Architecture prevents public exposure
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HealthSuite Data Platform (HSDP) IAM authentication
HTTPS request requires web token
24x7 monitoring of application suite and data store
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Flexibly shape and scale

with a leading strategic collaborator

Our expert-led team brings deep industry knowledge and clinical expertise to help you optimize efficiencies as you grow.

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Our team helps you build the right virtual care management solution

Philips Virtual Care Management - implementation

We help support you, your members and patients at every step

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Connected Blood Glucose Monitor

With a resupply algorithm based on test strip usage.

Philips Virtual Care Management - Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

With automatic monitoring for irregular heartbeats.

Philips Virtual Care Management - Connected Weight Scale

Connected Weight Scale

With an automatic shut-off feature to preserve battery life

Philips Virtual Care Management - Connected Pulse Ox

Connected Pulse Oximeter

With out-of-range measurement alarms.

References: *We validate appropriate patients and members who may benefit from this program as authorized in collaboration with customers. †If you choose an “opt-in” program, we encourage your members to email or call us to formally enroll in the Philips Virtual Care Management program. If you select an “opt-out” program, members are automatically enrolled. If they do not want to participate, they need to contact us to opt out of the program. You may choose to do step 2 on your own or collaborate with our team. ‡Professional monitoring and personalized health coaching are optional and not available for our gestational, COPD and CKD programs.