Philips Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of human-centered care, virtually anywhere

Chronic condition management creates a significant burden on patients, providers and systems

Philips Virtual Care Management chronic conditions
Philips Virtual Care Management Chronic Conditions 90%

Prevalent and potentially costly chronic conditions impact you and your members

70% of disease burden impacting employers comes from chronic conditions9

Workplace wellness programs have potential to reduce both medical and absenteeism costs10

Philips Virtual Care Management Employer Solutions

Remote patient monitoring is changing the way we approach care

Remote patient management solutions can lead to valuable results.

Philips Virtual Care Management - reduced hospitalizations

Reduced hospitalizations11

Philips Virtual Care Management - shorter hospital stays

Shorter hospital stays11

Philips Virtual Care Management - fewer ed visits

Fewer ED visits11

Philips Virtual Care Management - better health outcomes

Better health outcomes for patients in rural areas11​

Philips Virtual Care Management - chronic conditions

Better preventative management for chronic conditions11

Remote patient management is an effective way to strengthen patient engagement.12

Care delivery transformation is gaining momentum to improve healthcare

Philips Virtual Care Management - 65% of healthcare leaders

shifting to virtual or remote care was a top priority in 202213

Philips Virtual Care Management - shifting sites of care

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you successfully shift sites of care

Philips Virtual Care Management

Unlock the power of human-centered care, virtually anywhere
Deeply connect
patients and members to care from virtually anywhere

healthier behaviors that last

Proactively manage
the health of patients, members and populations

Flexibly shape and scale
with a leading strategic collaborator
Philips Virtual Care Management

Connected Blood Glucose Meter

With a resupply algorithm based on test strip usage.

Philips Virtual Care Management - Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

With automatic monitoring for irregular heartbeats.

Philips Virtual Care Management - Connected Weight Scale

Connected Weight Scale

With an automatic shut-off feature to preserve battery life

Berry Pulse Oximeter

Connected Pulse Oximeter

With out-of-range measurement alarms.

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