Extended Holter Monitors

ePatch® Extended Holter:
Convenient and Continuous ECG Recording

ePatch is a small, lightweight body-worn patch sensor that adheres to the skin. It is also available in a non-patch form, with a lead wire adapter if needed. ePatch continuously records and stores heart rhythm data that susequently can be downloaded and evaluated by cardiac monitoring professionals.

Designed for Compliance

  • Flexible monitoring options: patch or lead wires
  • Available configurations: 1-, 2-, or 3-channel ECGs
  • Standard 24- and 48- hour Holter options
  • Continuous recording up to 7 days; extending up to 14 days
  • Small and lightweight – simple to start, easy to wear
  • No battery changes or charging required for patients
  • Water-resistant, so patients can shower while monitoring
  • FDA 510(k)-cleared and EU MDD CE Mark
  • Data recordings can be analyzed by Millennia software

DL950 Advanced Digital Holter Monitor

At less than 2 ounces, the DL950 offers the advantages of a small, discrete, and lightweight monitor, and works with all versions of Millennia Holter Analysis Software. Specifically, the DL950 advanced digital Holter monitor provides: