Philips ECG Solutions

Philips Ambulatory Monitoring and Diagnostics

Philips’s unlocks the power of care–virtually anywhere–for patients and providers through our smart, comprehensive and connected monitoring and diagnostic solutions and services across the continuum. Now you can efficiently transform workflows to diagnose and manage patient populations proactively and deliver care in the right setting at the right time.

Heart care. Everywhere.

Philips ECG solutions—from screening, diagnostic and patient management solutions to cardiac ambulatory monitoring and implantable device monitoring—enables a new standard of cardiac care across the continuum by connecting home to hospital and hospital to home.

Philips solutions across care pathways

These solutions aim to connect information, technologies and people across both the stroke and cardiac care pathways, enabling care teams to work quickly and act decisively to provide the best patient treatment.

Case Study:
Erlanger Health System

Powered by its unique SmartDetectAI algorithm, MCOT accelerates delivery of clinically smart cardiac care with high-quality actionable reports that enable you to diagnose and treat arrhythmias quickly and confidently.